Can My Dog Eat This? - Ice Cream

Can My Dog Eat This? - Ice Cream

This is our latest post in the series covering foods that your dog can / should eat or avoid completely. We break it down into bitesize articles and will cover everything from artichokes to antelope! These are all extracts from Jo’s upcoming book called “Can My Dog Eat This?”

I scream for ice cream!

The odd lick here and there will do no harm. However, ice creams are full of lactose and they are also packed with sugars and sweeteners.

Care should be taken that anything eaten does not contain xylitol as this sweetener can be extremely toxic to dogs. Ice creams also often have added flavours and colourings which can be harmful to your dog; for example chocolate ice cream contains theobromine and caffeine.

There are now dog friendly ice-creams available; and frozen yoghurt can always be given as an alternative as it has less lactose.

Stay tuned for more "Can My Dog Eat This?" posts.

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More and more owners are moving away from processed dry and tinned foods towards more natural, healthy diets for their pets. With this shift comes considerable confusion and misinformation. Are blackberries poisonous? Is garlic good or bad for dogs? What about avocado?

There is an important distinction between what dogs can eat and what dogs should eat. As with humans, dogs need a balanced diet to thrive. These posts will hopefully give you a steer in the right direction!