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Jo: From Skydiving Daredevil to Dog Wellness Guru!

Forget the stuffy herbal stereotype! Jo is your unconventional champion for canine wellness. This engineer turned government policy advisor (and occasional skydiving nut) decided to change career and focus on sniffing out natural solutions for pups.

Whatever her role, one constant remained: her absolute obsession with animals.

Whether they have feather, fur or scales, Jo's always had a soft spot for creatures big and small. This passion for animals turned into a full-time mission when she launched the Holistic Hound!

Speaker and Presenter

But Jo's not all about brewing potions and burying her nose in books.

Jo is a regular speaker at pet and holistic health conferences, spreading the word about natural pet care. She also hosts workshops and interactive sessions at exhibitions and events around the world.

Jo's Inspiration

The Holistic Hound was born from Jo's unwavering passion for her own pets.

Since those early months, Jo has helped hundreds of animals across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Clair: The Efficiency Expert

This certified Master Herbalist joined the pack in 2017 and is the behind-the-scenes hero, ensuring everything runs like clockwork so Jo can focus on creating pawsome products for your furry friends. With her expertise and dedication, Clair's a vital part of the Holistic Hound family!

Clair's Inspiration

Jethro is Clair's inspiration, the tiniest bundle of fluff you could ever imagine. Sadly, Jethro was diagnosed with a very severe liver shunt at the age of three and was sent home by the vet for Clair and the kids to say goodbye. However, the Holistic Hound team had other ideas and were able to support Jethro fully and keep him happy and well for another three years.

Clair continues with Holistic Hound, despite losing Jethro as she's driven by other pet owner to never give up hope and always look for alternatives, even when every avenue appears exhausted.

Meet the Advisors

Buzz, Lenny and Bo

Jo's mini pack consists of two lively whippets and a german shepherd that *thinks* he's a whippet! When Jo isn't out with her pack, she's thinking about adding to it!


The cutest little dictator we have ever met! This little boss man rules the roost, dictating meal times and nap times (which are frequent!). When Clair isn't walking Chester, she's dealing with his ever growing list of demands!

Wallis and Phoebe

Who needs guard dogs on site when you have two ferocious little cats that will spring out and surprise even the most skilled of cat burglars! They rule the roost - including all the dogs.

Those over the Rainbow Bridge

Between them, Jo and Clair have had 18 dogs, 2 cat, 8 chickens, a snake, 2 rats, 2 ferrets and multiple gold fish and hamsters. They have all played a role in shaping the Holistic Hound of today.