Nurturing Your Dog's Wellbeing, Naturally

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Irish-Crafted, Naturally Effective

The Holistic Hound offers veterinarian-endorsed supplements and remedies, all handmade in small batches in our HQ in Kerry, free from all harmful chemicals without compromising on effectiveness. These targeted solutions promote overall well-being in your dog, promoting everything from joint health and immunity to calmness and digestive health.

Our products are ready for you to buy, tackling common issues many of us encounter with our pets. They contain a mixture of herbs, root, seeds, bark and flowers; tinctures, flower essences, hydrosols and essential oils.

Purity is Our Promise

At the Holistic Hound, we believe dogs deserve fulfilling, happy lives. As a pet pawrent and guardian, we know that you want to ensure your beloved pet receives the very best care. That's why we offer our range of natural supplements and wellbeing essentials.

We are committed to providing your canine companion with the best treatments that nature has to offer.

Our carefully crafted range of products are free from synthetic additives and harmful substances, ensuring your dog receives pure, natural support as nature intended.

Handcrafted Support for Canine Companions

We aim to encourage the integration of natural practices into everyday pet care, empowering pet owners to take a proactive approach to their dog's overall well-being.

As the only all-Ireland manufacturer of natural pet healthcare products, we're a growing team of three, currently offering over 30 products.

All our products are handmade in small batches using the highest quality, completely natural, and organic ingredients. We source locally whenever possible and avoid artificial colourings, chemicals and preservatives.

Our Philosophy

We believe that sometimes, veterinary intervention is the only option. However, nature often provides everything you need to care for your pet.

Our products are developed based on hundreds of years’ of research and documented case studies that prove the efficacy of treatments and supplements. If you want to learn more about our views on chemical versus holistic treatments, read our page that covers just that!

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From Humble Beginnings

From Humble Beginnings to Global Impact

After eight years of dedication, we now have a loyal client base around the world through our online store. Our products are also stocked in over 50 pet stores and groomers across Ireland, with a growing list of retailers in the UK and Europe.

A Partnership in Pet Care

We believe in a collaborative approach to pet care. Our products complement conventional veterinary medicine, providing natural support for your dog's overall well-being.