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Yes! Jo and Clair develop, pack and ship all products from our manufacturing centre in Killorglin, Co. Kerry. Orders that are destined for the UK are shipped via our UK based distribution partner.

We operate a tight operation here and will do our utmost to facilitate any changes to an order. However, once the item has left us (i.e. is in transit), it will not be possible to make any changes.

All chemical drugs are derived from plants. Our products are the same but take longer to work as they are in their natural state. As a result, there are some products that should not be given to your pet if they are on certain medications. If in doubt, drop us an email outlining the prescription and we'll get right back to you.

If you receive a product that is not up to the high standards we maintain, we'll happily send out a replacement. Simply contact us directly and we'll sort it out.

Our products are designed with nature in mind without sacrificing efficacy. If you do not see an improvement in your pet, get in touch. It could be due to the amount given to your pet or perhaps it's not the correct supplement for them.

All our products are sourced by us and tested rigorously before being released on the market. However, if your pet does experience a reaction (similar to humans, any animal can have a sensitivity), please get in touch with us and we will investigate the situation fully.

Holistic, when applied to pet products, means it takes a whole-body approach to your pet's health. Instead of focusing on just treating symptoms, holistic products aim to support your pet's overall well-being by addressing physical, mental, and sometimes even emotional aspects. The effectiveness of holistic products can vary depending on the specific product and your pet's individual needs.

Holistic products are not replacements for traditional veterinary medicine.

All orders are tracked. If for whatever reason, your delivery does not arrive, we can check the tracking number and either refund or replace your order.

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After eight years of dedication, we now have a loyal client base around the world through our online store. Our products are also stocked in over 50 pet stores and groomers across Ireland, with a growing list of retailers in the UK and Europe.


We send our products via An Post tracked parcels. All products purchased in the UK are shipped via our distribution partner in the UK.

A Partnership in Pet Care

Our products complement conventional veterinary medicine, providing natural support for your dog's overall well-being.