Woof for Good

Every dog deserves a happy, healthy life

Our mission to help pet owners extends beyond the products we create. We believe that *every* animal, no matter what their situation deserves help.

This is why we're incredibly passionate about supporting our charity partners. These amazing organizations work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs facing difficult circumstances. Whether it's an abandoned pup, a dog struggling with medical conditions, or a senior needing a loving forever home, our charity partners are lifesavers. We should know - our pack have all come from rescues!

We also work with our key retailers to develop additional pet pawrent resources, which include a range of free eBooks.

How we hope to make a positive impact

When we donate our products, we hope to make a tangible difference in the lives of these deserving dogs.

Jo volunteers her expertise with understanding healthcare issues in dogs with the likes of Dogs Angels Ireland, Dogs for Disabled and others. This can involve helping some of the more complex needs of the dogs (to Jo taking a dog or two home with her).

We hope that with the help of our products, we can make a difference for these dogs in need, helping them feel their best while they wait for their forever families.

Charity and Partners

We are always open to sharing our time, expertise and products with those that need it most. For more information, please get in touch.

Dogs Angels Ireland

Dogs Angels Ireland is based in South Dublin and rescues unwanted dogs. They save hundreds of dogs each year and give them a better life.

Dogs for the Disabled

Dogs for the Disabled ethically breed and train dogs to assist with practical, everyday tasks to help a person with a physical disability live life to the full, helping to improve confidence and lower stress levels for their partners.

Rehoming Irish Greyhounds

Rehoming Irish Greyhounds (RIGHT), is foster based charity, dedicated to finding loving forever homes for retired Irish Greyhounds.

Dogs in Distress

Dogs in Distress has helped thousands of abandoned, unwanted or unclaimed dogs. On average they help between 600 to 700 hundred dogs each year.