Product Suitability

Feeding Your Dog's Wellbeing Naturally: A Guide to Holistic Hound Supplements

At Holistic Hound, we believe in natural support for your canine companion. Our supplements are all formulated with whole foods or whole plant extracts, offering a holistic approach to your dog's health.

Here's a breakdown on incorporating them into your pup's routine:


  • Daily Dose: Simply add the recommended amount to your dog's daily meals, once a day or split between meals. Splitting the dose may be beneficial for chronic issues like arthritis, allowing for sustained support throughout the day.
  • Mixing and Matching: Unlike synthetic alternatives, our whole-food supplements work synergistically. You can safely combine them, like "Wormwood ++" "Ticked Off," and "Eat Me," for comprehensive care. Dosages are calculated to allow for multiple supplements to be taken at any time.

Kibble Considerations:

  • Hydration: If you use dry kibble, adding a splash of water can help disguise the powdered supplements.
  • Species-Appropriate Diet: For long-term health, consider a fresher, more natural diet alongside supplements. This can significantly improve your dog's overall well-being.

Picky Eaters? No Problem!

  • Tempting Treats: Mix the supplements with yogurt, oily fish, soft cheese, or peanut butter to entice your furry friend.
  • Separate Treats: Alternatively, offer the supplements mixed with these treats separately from their main meal to avoid discouraging them from eating their regular food.

Puppies & Cats:

  • Generally, our supplements are safe for puppies over 12 weeks / fully weaned.
  • Most products are suitable for cats (with specific dosage adjustments), with the exception of those products containing essential oils.
  • Always refer to the individual product information for details.

Dosage Information:

  • Safe and Effective: Our dosages are carefully formulated for minimum effective results, well within safe limits.
  • Multiple Remedies: This allows you to combine multiple supplements for targeted support.
  • Consult for Interactions: While generally safe, some herbs can interact with medications. Click the link below to check ingredients against your dog's current prescriptions or speak with your vet.

Garlic Information:

Garlic is safe for dogs. For more information, you can read about this on our blog.

  • Historical Safe Intake: Many follow Juliette de Bairacli Levy's recommendations for garlic dosage based on weight.
  • Conservative Approach: The National Research Council offers a more conservative intake range based on historical and presumed safe limits.
  • Veterinary Recommendations: Veterinarians like Susan Wynn DVM suggest specific dosages based on tincture concentration and animal weight.

Holistic Hound Garlic Dosages:

For your reference, we've outlined the garlic content in our products containing this ingredient:

  • Wormwood ++: 0.2ml per 10kg body weight (total garlic: 0.5g if combined with other products containing garlic).
  • Ticked Off (long-term): 0.15ml garlic per 10kg body weight.
  • Eat Me: 0.2g garlic per 10kg body weight.

Additional Herb Information:

Black Walnut: Susan Wynn recommends: 0.25 – 0.5ml per 10kg of body weight, tincture 1:3, daily for small animals. Not recommended for long term daily use; and should be diluted with other herbs

Used in Wormwood: 2ml per 10kg, 3 days per month
Black Walnut proportion: 0.15ml

Wormwood: Tilford & Tilford recommend 0.5ml tincture per 10kg of body weight

Used in Wormwood ++:
Wormwood proportion: 0.2ml

Cinnamon Bark: Susan Wynn recommends: 0.5 – 1.5ml per 10kg of body weight, tincture 1:3, daily for small animals.

Used in Worms Away: 2ml per 10kg, 3 days per month
Cinnamon bark proportion: 0.2ml

Remember: If you have any concerns or questions, always consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new supplements to your dog's diet.